RMC Roofing, Inc

We Won’t Goof Your Roof!

RMC Roofing, Inc is a full-service, certified roofing contractor based in Ojai, CA. Family owned and operated, RMC has been serving the area since 2006, building our name by combining exceptional work with unbeatable customer service.

About the Owner

President and CEO of RMC, Robert Garcia, has 32 years of knowledge and experience in government contracting with numerous agencies, including the US Army, Air Force, and Navy.

Robert has gained an excellent reputation in the government due to his skilled workmanship and knowledge of his craft. His high standards and expertise provide the foundation for RMC and its employees.

RMC Roofing, Inc
RMC Roofing, Inc

Our Legacy

As a company, RMC is devoted to satisfying our customers. We’ve built our name in the area, providing regular maintenance for numerous Government Center County buildings throughout Ventura County, including the Hall of Justice, Hall of Administration, County Jails, and more. Ojai Unified School District also trusts our name to deliver safety and security to Ojai’s schools.

Absolute Customer Satisfaction

Our expectations for your home or structure are high, matching our commitment to our customer’s absolute satisfaction on every project.

RMC Roofing, Inc