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Exceptional Roofing Solutions in Ojai, CA

RMC Roofing, Inc is a full-service, certified roofing contractor based in Ojai, CA. Family owned and operated, RMC has been serving the area since 2006, building our name by combining exceptional work with matchless customer service.

RMC Roofing, Inc


Our expert inspectors will assess your roof and determine if any defects exisist or if the life of your roof can be extended by simple modification or maintenance. At RMC Roofing we work with dedication, giving you a reliable , high quality roof that will keep you protected for years to come. We use cutting-edge technology and provide you with a comprehensive report after every inspection. We offer a regular inspection program where we find potential problems and solve them before they cause significant damage. Bi-annual check ups provide you with peace of mind, making the condition of your roof one less thing to worry about. Large residential complexes and apartment structures are our speciality. We have experience in structures of every size and form.

RMC Roofing, Inc


We are fully insured and equipped to handle large projects. RMC has a long list of clients, from military bases to major county buildings, that we have provided maintenance and new roofing systems for. While most contractors aren’t able to handle large scale jobs, we’re accustomed to carrying projects with extensive scopes of work and fulfilling all insurance requirements. If your structure is over 30,000 square feet, we are more than qualified to carry your project. We take pride in our ability to stay on schedule, completing each project in an orderly and efficient manner. When trades outside of our direct capabilities are required, RMC has an established network of dependable subcontractors.

RMC Roofing, Inc


We specialize in single ply, standing seam and coating roofing systems. We adhere by all government standards including but not limited to submittal processes and safety standards per EM 385.

RMC Roofing, Inc

Energy Savings

RMC Roofing is always ahead of the pack when it comes to energy-saving roofing. We utilize new and innovative materials and resources that make their way into the market. Our energy star rated shingles provide steep slope, solar reflective asphalt shingle containing advanced colored granules that reflect the sun’s rays, reducing a roof’s temperature by 20% in the summer.. Our Services